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A Website, i.e www is an interactive platform between a needy and a provider for supply of goods, service or information. The basic interactive tool behind this is the web browser like google chrome, opema or microsoft edge and an url (Uniferm Resource Locator). As the name indicate url i.e uniform resource locator makes one website distinct from another. As an example www.india.gov.in is National Portal of India and similarly other websites like www.youtube.com, www.facebook.com, www.google.com, www.microsoft.com are more examples. Similarly ours is www.itcareonline.com. More to say these are not complete website address. You must have seen http and https with  : and // along with these website address. these words and symbols have very important meaning in a website address. More over http or https are used as a underlying communication protocol between browser and web server. Similarly // represent the path for website's core components on the web server. But reality is not so simple and demands more complex integration of various components like a web hosing server, a domain name, a CMS (Content Management Service), a website page builder and various plugins and addons to improve the website performance and accesibility so that it could be fast, user friendly, Safe and secure. 
                                     You must have encountered terms like domain, authority, url, scheme, http, https, subdomain, path, protocol, host name, port, query, fraction etc. They are all part of a " Domain Name System" that collectively can display each and every path and portion of the website. these constitute the element you see in the address bar of a browser and connect you to the specific page or section of the website as per your need and search. All these combinedly constitute  a url to be insert or generated on a address bar of the web browser. see below..


You will see these words i.e. http and https at the starting of a website address. To be more specific these are protocols means rule or scheme. https and https defines different rules or scheme inserted by the user to get the data accordingly. What rule? Let's understand. 

http and https are different types of request put by the user on the website. http or simply Hypertext Transfer Protocol communicate and request the web server to transfer data from the web server to the user in the form of web pages.

Similarly HTTPS is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. The http protocol does not provide the security of the data, while https ensures the security of the data. Hence, we can say that HTTPS is a secure version of the HTTP protocol and transfer the data in an encrypted form such as encrypted password in bank use and login credentials etc. https protocol encrypt data through a security layer called as "Transport Layer Security" i.e Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).



HTTP + Security = HTTPS

In The Domain Name System, Top Level Domain is the highest level of the structure in the domain naming system and the responsibility of managing these top level domain is vested on specific organization delegated by the ICANN, an internet stack holder community that operate IANA i.e Internet Assigned Numbers Authority and these organisation maintain the DNS Root Zone. Examples are .com, .net, .in, .org etc
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